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TimeWize Parental Control For Android

"striving to find creative parenting solutions through conversation to bring your family back to you"


"in this day and age, tablets and smartphones are an everyday part of our children's lives. It is our mission, not to prevent the usage of these devices, but rather to educate children on the moderate usage, resulting in a better balance in their everyday lives."

TimeWize Parental Control is a simple to use mobile application that allows you to remotely control your child's usage of their Android tablet or phone from your Android Phone. With TimeWize Parental Control for Android installed, you get to set a schedule for when the phone or tablet will be locked and unlocked as well as setup individual permissions for each app that will be locked or unlocked according to the schedule. If the child needs to use the phone or tablet out of this scheduled time, they can send an unlock request from the tablet to your phone where you can allow it for a certain period or decline it. We have also included a handy little feature called "Don't Ask Again" which will let you block this request for a preset period of time.

With TimeWize installed, parents are able to:
  • Set permissions as to which apps on your child's phone or tablet are to be locked by TimeWize.
  • Set a schedule which controls when the selected apps on the phone or tablet are automatically locked and unlocked.
  • Ban apps, for example, the browser, by using our "Banned Apps List"
  • Remotely lock and unlock access to the selected apps on your child's phone or tablet using the TimeWize app on your phone.
  • Receive a request on your phone from your child when they want to use the locked apps and choose to allow it for a certain period or decline it.
  • Message your child over our integrated TimeWize messenger.
  • Receive a "Please Call Me" from your child which is sent from the locked app screen of their phone.
  • Locate your child through the TimeWize app which opens the address in your default maps app with the click of a button to navigate to your child's location.