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Extra Settings

TimeWize has an array of extra settings to customize your experience according to your needs. These settings are found under the Settings option on your home screen.



Under the Settings option on the home screen you will find all the extra settings available to customize your TimeWize experience accordingly. This is where you can edit or delete your child devices. You will also find the Banned Apps list here. You can edit your profile, add a secondary parent, change your don't ask again time or, edit your PIN code.


Edit Child Devices

Selecting Child Devices will give you access to edit each child individually. There are a number of options available here. The first option is to change the name of the device. You are also able to make changes to the schedule and the permissions list. This is where you will find the option to ban apps under the Edit Banned Apps list. This is also where you are able to delete a child device. When deleting a child device, please note that if you have an active subscription on the device, deleting the device from TimeWize will not automatically end the subscription, this must be done in the Play Store under "My Account". If you delete a child device, it will unlock the schedule so TimeWize will still be running on the child device, but you can access everything. If you wish to use TimeWize on the same device again, please go to Settings -> Applications -> Select TimeWize -> Clear Data on the child device before adding another child.

parental control for android devices

Add A Secondary Parent

A secondary parent can only be added to your TimeWize on the primary parent's device. To do this, fill in the details of the secondary parent you wish to add and press SUBMIT. The secondary parent will receive an email with their details and will be able to download TimeWize and sign in with their details. The secondary parent is not required to pay any additional subscriptions but cannot add or edit child devices. Please note that the secondary parent's PIN code and your PIN code will both work on any child devices at any time.


Edit Profile

Under Edit Profile, you can edit any of your details except your email address. If you have entered the wrong email address, the simplest way to rectify this is to delete your profile from this menu and start the setup again. Please note that, if you delete your profile from here, it will delete all your child devices and the secondary parent. If you have any active subscriptions, it will not automatically cancel them. This must be done from the Play Store under "My Account". If you have downloaded TimeWize on any child devices and want to redo your setup on them, before you add them, please go to Settings -> Applications -> Select TimeWize -> Clear Data. The child devices are now ready for your new setup.


Change Don't Ask Again Time

The default don't ask again time is set at 1 hour. You can set this to any time that suits you. Please note that the don't ask again time for the primary and secondary parents can be different and will respond to whichever is set in the Notifications.


Change PIN Code

This is where you can either change your PIN or have your PIN code emailed to you if you have forgotten it.



This will log you out of TimeWize at any time you wish to. This will not delete your profile. If you wish to delete your profile, this can be done from Edit Profile. If you have logged out, your child devices will continue to operate under their preset schedules and if you have a secondary parent registered, the notifications will go through to them. Any subscriptions you have will continue to be active. You can log in again at any time to continue to use TimeWize.