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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of TimeWize?
The primary purpose of TimeWize is to help parents to teach their kids the importance of balance with respect to the usage of mobile phones and tablets. We do not wish to deny a child their usage but more to encourage the children to put the devices down when appropriate. TimeWize allows the parent to decide which apps and functions can be locked. When the child tries to use any of these apps or functions, TimeWize will open and prompt your child to send a request. When you approve this request, you have an option to allow only the requested app or allow all apps for your own convenience.
Why does TimeWize consist of two apps?
TimeWize consists of the TimeWize Parent App and the TimeWize Child App, mainly for the purpose of them being able to communicate to each other via a notification system.
What do I do if my child uninstalls the TimeWize child app?
As TimeWize is not a system app, there is a possibility that, on some devices, the TimeWize Child App can be uninstalled. Please note that the Child App checks in twice a day and if it misses 2 check-in's in a row, it will send a notification to the parent that it may be uninstalled. Once the TimeWize Child App has been uninstalled, the child cannot reinstall it without the parent password. We do recommend that you lock the Play Store and Settings in the permissions to prevent uninstallation. As TimeWize is not a system app, we cannot totally prevent uninstallation and if this occurs, a parenting approach is required. To reinstall, take the following steps:
  1. On your TimeWize Parent App on your device, open the TimeWize App and go to SETTINGS > CHILD DEVICES > select the child > and scroll down to DELETE DEVICE. Follow the prompts to delete the child device.
  2. Go to your CHILD'S DEVICE > GOOGLE PLAY STORE and downloed TimeWize. Before you set it up, go to the ANDROID SETTINGS (not TimeWize settings) > APPS or APPLICATIONS, select TimeWize > and CLEAR DATA. This will clear any residual TimeWize information that may stillbe stored on your child's device.
  3. Go back to your device, open TimeWize and select ADD DEVICES from the home menu and start the sync process again. If you have a subscription or trial period running on the child's device, it will continue from where it left off.
  4. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to email us at for assistance.
Will these notifications annoy me at work?
Taking into account the fact that most parents will be at work when their kids will want to use the devices, we have put a schedule in the setup of your child's devices. This can be edited at any time from the parent device in order for you to streamline it as best suits your needs. To prevent your child from constantly sending through requests, we have included a "Dont Ask Again" response to requests. When this is selected, it prevents your child's device from sending any further requests for a preset time which you can edit in your SETTINGS.
What types of devices does TimeWize work on?
TimeWize consists of 2 mobile apps, namely TimeWize Parent App and TimeWize Child App. The parent app can be installed on either an Android phone or tablet. The child app can be installed on Android tablets or phones. Please note that the TimeWize Child App does not function on Android 5.0 upwards.
Why does the TimeWize Child App not work on my child's device.
If TimeWize is not locking your child's device, it is probably an Android 5.0 or upwards operating system. To check this, go to your ANDROID SETTINGS on your child's device, select ABOUT DEVICE and scroll down to Android version. If your child's device is not Android 5 or 6, please email us at for assistance.
Where can I download TimeWize from?
TimeWize can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
How do the subscriptions work?
You get an initial free period of one week with access to all functions on each child device that you add. After a each child license costs £1.50 each.
Why do I have to choose between being a PRIMARY or SECONDARY parent?
We have this function to allow families where both parents want to be able to control the child devices. When the PRIMARY parent's app is active the notifications and controls will be sent to the PRIMARY parent's phone. When the PRIMARY parent's app is OFF, the notifications and controls will be sent to the SECONDARY parent's device. Please note that, when the PRIMARY parent's device is offline or has a flat battery but is still set to the ON position, the child device notifications will not be sent to the SECONDARY parent's device.