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How It Works

TimeWize Parental Control consists of two separate apps. The first one "TimeWize Parental Control Parent App" is installed on the parent's phone. This can be installed on any Android device. In the setup procedure, the parent will be prompted to download and install "TimeWize Parental Control Child App" on the child's device. This can only be installed on an Android device at this point in time.

"The parent device acts as a remote control for the child device."

Schedule and Permissions

In the setup procedure, the parent sets up the Permissions List. Any apps that are unlocked in this list will always be accessible to the kids so it is wise to unlock the phone function and any apps that are used in the school curriculum. All apps that are left on lock here can either be unlocked if the child requests them or if the device is unlocked by the Schedule. The schedule and the permissions can be changed in the Settings under Child Devices. Here you will also be able to find the Banned Apps list should you wish to ban any apps outright. If an app is banned, the child will not be able to request to use it and it can only be unlocked by the parent using their PIN code.

parental control for android devices

App Requests

The schedule and permissions are two items that will evolve over time as your dynamic with your children do but essentially do most of the work for you in controlling the amount of time that your children spend on their devices and what they are allowed to do with the devices. Should your child need to use any apps out of these times, they can request to use the app. This sends a notification to your phone.

parental control for android devices

You are able to allow it for a period of time which you can set, or you can decline it. If your child asks too many times, you can also select the Dont Ask Again function which will block all requests for this app for a predetermined period of time which can be set in your Settings.

parental control for android devices

Secondary Parent

A unique feature of TimeWize Parental Control is that we have the facility to add a Secondary Parent at no extra cost for the instances where one of the parents are out of town or when the families are separated. The secondary parent is added by the primary parent in the settings menu. When the secondary parent is set up, the primary parent is able to select which children the secondary parent can control to cater for families with step-children. The switch-over between the parents is found under Notifications. If the primary parent sets their notifications to off, the requests default to the secondary parent. If they, in turn, switch theirs off, the child is notified that both their parents are offline.


Manual Controls

We also have a Manual Controls which will allow a parent to lock the entire child device, disallowing any requests for any apps on the child's tablet or phone. The device will remain locked until the manual controls are switched off. When the manual controls are off, the child's tablet or phone will revert back to the schedule.


Where's my Child

A very useful additional feature we offer is the "Where's my Child" feature. You can do a search for your children individually by device. Once TimeWize has determined the location, you will be able to open the location in the phone's default navigation software to navigate to the location without having to enter any address. We have also programmed this feature to save a last known location in case the device is turned off or runs out of battery.

parental control for android devices



As is often the case, one of the many apps you will want to restrict on your child's devices are the messaging apps so we have included a basic messaging function in TimeWize so that both the primary and secondary parent will be able to keep in contact with their children.

parental control for android devices