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Meet the Wizeys

The Wizeys are a family that is unique to TimeWize that assist you through your adventures with TimeWize. These guys will help you and your child identify with the variety of functions that TimeWize has to offer in a fun way.

TimeWize Wizey

TimeWize Wizey is our home wizey. TimeWize wizey is the one that encourages balance and happiness in life and wants your family to wizely use your time to learn, time to play and ultimately time to live.


Request Wizey

You will see Request Wizey mostly during your setup phase of your journey into TimeWize. Request Wizey usually indicates that you are required to perform an action that is critical to a smooth setup process.


Approved Wizey

Approved Wizey is no doubt the one that your child will enjoy the most. Approved Wizey appears whenever a request is approved or a crucial stage of the setup is successful.


Denied Wizey

I think it goes without saying that Denied Wizey is the rather unpopular one with your child. Unlock Wizey is the one that will deliver the news that their Unlock Request has been denied and that it's probably a great idea to be doing some homework.


Pretty Please Wizey

Pretty Please Wizey with those gorgeous blue puppy dog eyes is by far my favorite family member. Pretty Please Wizey appears only to you, the parent, when your child has sent an unlock request for their Android tablet or one of the apps on their Android phone


Time Wizey

Time Wizey will let your child know that their request has been approved but that they are only allowed access for a period of time that has been set by you.


Call Wizey

Call Wizey is a neat little function we have added to the locked screens on your child's Android Phone and tablet. When your child clicks on The Call Wizey, a notification is sent to the primary or secondary parent, whichever is selected, for you to please call your child. Great for convenience and emergencies.


Cry Baby Wizey

Cry Baby Wizey is the one that will bring tears to your eyes as Cry Baby only appears when there are network issues of sorts that prevent any requests from your child coming through to your phone. A very cute sad little face which we love as much as the rest of the Wizey family.


Cross Wizey

Cross Wizey is probably the Wizey that your child is least likely to bond with. Cross Wizey appears when you press the "Dont Ask Again" option after your child has sent through one too many requests. Cross Wizey is cross and when Cross Wizey appears, it is definitely time for some homework or room tidying.


Do Your Homework Wizey

Do Your Homework Wizey is a love Wizey.Do Your Homework Wizey is always smiling because Do Your Homework Wizey knows that doing your homework is the best thing you could be doing.


Look For Me Wizey

As a parent or a child, Look For Me Wizey is our greatest friend and assistant. Look For Me Wizey is found on the Parent App Home Screen and shows you where to go to look for any of your children. Under Where's My Child, Look For Me Wizey will open your child's location in Google Maps allowing you to conveniently drive straight there.


Love You Wizey

Love You Wizey is Love You Wizey. Though so much can be expressed with Love You Wizey, very little words are able to describe Love You Wizey. When you need a pick me up, Love You Wizey can be found in the Wizey selection on our messaging service .


Messaging Wizey

Messaging Wizey is a very handy Wizey that almost didn't make it into our family. It was Robby from our highly esteemed development team who went ahead with this brilliant addition and the Wizey family is eternally grateful to him.


Spanner Wizey

Spanner Wizey holds all the tools to setup, make changes to and report on your experience with TimeWize and the TimeWize family. Spanner Wizey is the gatekeeper to the settings on your Parent App.


Together Wizey

Together Wizey joined the family when we needed a Wizey to portray our Manual Controls, where the situation requires your child's tablet or phone to manually lock or unlock. Together Wizey is needed when you are all together on one of your adventures, and when your child needs a bit of relief from the road trip. Always together, always TimeWize...