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An Intro To TimeWize Parental Control

TimeWize Parental Control allows parents to remotely control the time their kids spend on their Android phones and tablets. This is done by offering parents the ability to lock and unlock apps, ban apps or set a schedule, all from their own phone.

TimeWize Parental Control consists of two separate apps, The TimeWize Parent App and the TimeWize Child App. To install TimeWize, first download and install the TimeWize Parent App on your device and set it up. You will need to have your child's device with you to sync it. If you don't have your child's device, in the setup, you can "Skip This Step" and add it later when you do have it with you by selecting "Add Devices" from the app home screen menu. In this stage of the setup you will be prompted when to download and install TimeWize Child App on your child's device and you can then start the syncing process.

If you select "Settings" you will go to the extra features that we have available. Here you can add an additional parent, change the "Don't Ask Again Time", manage your profile and manage your Child Devices. Under "Child Devices" you can edit your App Permission List, add a Schedule for when the device will be fully unlocked or Ban any apps you choose.

The TimeWize Parent App is available for download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The TimeWize Child App is available for download only on the Google Play Store.

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