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TimeWize Beta Testing Begins

After months of development, the TimeWize team went into beta testing with thanks to a local primary school who provided us with a group of very willing and excited parents and their kids. After introducing the team, the concept of TimeWize Parental Control being a mobile app that assists parents in teaching their children how to be responsible about the time spent on mobile devices, was met with much excitement and anticipation.

parental control for android devices

From a product architecture aspect, my greatest concern was the setup procedure, which proved to be easy enough to get through, even considering that TimeWize consists of two separate apps that have to sync in order for the parent to have remote control of the child device... Great relief all around.

parental control for android devices

Our TimeWize team in conjunction with our South African partners Business Data Communications and Digital Peppa were on hand to assist all the parents with the variety of functions that TimeWize has to offer, though I do have to admit that most of the assistance was provided by the kids themselves who were more positive and excited about TimeWize than one would've expected.

The feedback from all the parents was amazing and what struck me most, was the positive response we had from the children. They all saw TimeWize as a positive influence in their lives and, of course, everyone loves The Wizeys.

Looking back at the beginning of this trial period, the most heartwarming part of the entire experience was watching one of the kids, after her mom had left, messaging her on our messaging service asking her to unlock her homework apps.