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TimeWize In The Top 10 Of The HackJozi Challenge
SABC Network Channel

25 April 2016

The #Hack.Jozi Challenge is a boot camp for start-up entrepreneurs and our aim is to contribute towards fostering skills, innovation and entrepreneurship in the broad area of digital technology. The programme is in support of capacity development, job creation and enterprise development.Hack.Jozi

"A good entrepreneur gets a mentor ~ a wise entrepreneur gets a mentor who has a mentor". Having a full product on the market, we at TimeWize Parental Control entered the HackJozi Challenge with the intent of gaining, as part of the prize, mentorship to bring a full and comprehensive product to our people. We also have a few interesting facets of the TimeWize experience that we would like to incorporate into TimeWize Parental Control to bring a better, all-round experience to the families that have TimeWize in their parenting toolbox.

The HackJozi Challenge is a fantastic initiative by The JCSE, Inquisition, Wits University and The City Of Johannesburg with the aim of assisting entrepreneurs in all aspects required to bring their ideas to fruition and their products onto the Johannesburg market to empower and improve the communities of Johannesburg.

There were approximately 450 entrants to the HackJozi Challenge with the top 100 selected to start the mentorship and bootcamps. The competition was then whittled down to the top 20 finalists by a "pitch-off" where the finalists had to pitch their ideas to a panel of 3 judges. The next boot camp involved the finalists producing a Minimum Viable Product. This product was evaluated throughout the day by mentors from varying backgrounds in the industry. The products were then judged to produce the Top 10 Finalists.

The top 10 finalists (in no particular order) are:

  • TimeWize Parental Control
  • Tuta-Me
  • Mensch
  • Advicement
  • eSubmit
  • TechnoVera
  • Low Cost Educational Robotics Toy (LCERT)
  • Gradrr
  • DueProp
  • Spotless

We at TimeWize Parental Control are tremendously excited and honoured to be a part of this initiative and are looking forward to the finals. Keep in touch for updates from us on the HackJozi Challenge.

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